Investigate Nature

You’re a detective! Look around you and try to find signs of wildlife. Do you see any tracks left in the dirt by deer or other animals? Are there any paths created by frequent deer use? Do you see any scat or droppings left by birds, raccoons, or deer? Can you find a walnut that’s been eaten by a squirrel? Can you find bones or a bird feather? Are there any woodpecker holes in the trees? All of these are traces of nature that tell a story about who was here.


Interesting scat facts:

-Foxes scat in specific places to establish their home range and communicate it to others.

-A scat’s shape and content are great for identifying who left it behind! For example, deer and rabbits produce pellets, but deer pellets are elongated and pill-shaped, while rabbits’ are rounder. Scat containing seeds or berries indicates an herbivorous animal. Scat containing hair or bones was left by a carnivorous animal.

-Splattered bird scat, or whitewash, can be an indicator of a nest or roost site up above.


WARNING: Do not handle animal droppings. They may contain parasites.