Birders seeking signs of the spring bird migrationUniversity of Delaware researchers preparing for a marsh elevation study
Birders seeking signs of the spring bird migration
University of Delaware researchers preparing for a marsh elevation study

Delaware Wild Lands’ Milford Neck Preserve is situated in the southeastern corner of Kent County along the shores of the Delaware Bay and includes more than three miles of shoreline and nearly 3,500 acres of beach, tidal marsh, coastal and upland forest, and agricultural lands.

Delaware Wild Lands began investing in this critical resource in 1985 with our first purchase of 1,775 acres from the Delaware Bay Transport Company.  In the years since, Delaware Wild Lands has nearly doubled the size of our original holdings at Milford Neck through the acquisitions of the Polk, Hoppstein, Webb, and Mueller Farms.

Today, our Milford Neck land holdings, with contiguous lands owned by the State of Delaware and The Nature Conservancy in Delaware, form a block of 10,000 acres of protected land and nearly 10 miles of undeveloped bayshore that extends from the Mispillion River north to the Murderkill River.

These collective holdings support a wide variety of species and habitats including:

  • Vital resting and foraging habitat for migratory shorebirds and waterfowl
  • Spawning grounds for Horseshoe Crabs
  • Diverse coastal forest and marsh habitat for for songbirds and raptors
  • Numerous rare plants and amphibians

Milford Neck Public Access Policy:

Due to the sensitive nature of the beach, dune, and marsh habitat, vehicle trespass (including trucks and ATVs) is strictly prohibited.  Access by foot is not permitted at Bennett’s Pier beach.  Foot traffic for non-destructive recreational activities is permitted at Big Stone Beach only, between dawn and dusk, strictly on a carry-in, carry-out basis.  Our full public access policy for the property can be viewed HERE.


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