Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and restore Delaware’s important natural areas through the purchase and management of strategic parcels of land.

Since 1961, we played a pivotal role in the acquisition and regulatory protection of 31,800 acres of land, including Delaware’s coastal areas and Great Cypress Swamp.

But we do much more than purchase land.

  • We own and actively manage 21,800 acres of land to enhance biodiversity and support traditional uses of the land.

  • We conveyed 10,000 acres of land to the State of Delaware for public recreation and education.

  • We recognize hunting, farming, and forestry are an important part of Delaware’s local culture and economy.

  • We use Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified forestry practices to restore the ecological functions of our forests while generating a long-term source of revenue for the organization and contributing to the local economy.